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Google Adwords

How do we use Google AdWords/PPC

We play with Google AdWords and we are aware of the most successful pay-per-click online advertising techniques which empower an advertiser to leverage the power of technology for advertising based on keywords and user preferences.

Unleash the power of Google AdWords!

We all know that Google AdWords allow an advertiser to display a small advertisement copy to users, who are searching for something on the web. This advertisement might or might not link to the content of a web page to which a user may navigate and perform a favorable action.

How we work with it?

  • Google Ads are visible in the Google search results and partner websites that have allowed Google to display advertisements.
  • We offer a highly cost effective method to an advertiser only. It has to pay when a user clicks the advertisement and visit the website to gather relevant information.

What does the Google Ads do?

The AdWords campaign focuses on local, national and international customer targeting and distribution. In an AdWords campaign, the text advertisement consists of one tagline of about 25 characters, with a description of 70 characters and a URL, which should not be more than 35 characters long. Image advertisements can be according to standard advertising sized according to IAB standards.

We revolutionize the pay-per-click online advertising landscape andallows the advertisers to reach targeted audience with a low budget and help partner websites to have a revenue source, which increases the partner base of Google, thus increasing the scope of Google Ads.

Proposed way of reducing the cost of Google AdWords is:

  • Choose to pay though cost-per-click method, pay-per-click
  • Cost-per-acquisition method
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions
  • Cost-per-mile method.


Choose site-targeted advertising for text-type advertisement, banners, rich media advertisements and remarketing/retargeting advertisements for a Google AdWords campaign.

  • Initiate and manage through the AdWords Control Panel.
  • An advertiser can enter the keywords sought, domain names and topics to be covered, set demographic preferences for targeting.
  • The advanced Google algorithm then decides where to place the ad within the content network by identifying relevant sites

AdWords also has an extension feature, which helps advertisers to enhance an AdWords campaign by showing extra information such as the business address, phone number or other website links. Extensions are developed and used with an aim to attract clicks by improving ad visibility.

Google AdWords also facilitates placement targeting which makes it possible for an ad to cover an entire ad block altogether rather than appearing in 2-4 blocks which promise higher visibility for an advertiser.

Get benefitted by taking our Google AdWords services:

  • The fact is that people search with key terms or key words which plays a great role in Google Ads. On finding matching or likely keywords, there are possible chances of getting paid ads appearing for organic results.
  • It is cost effective way of reaching out to target audience as compared to the traditional methods of campaigning your product or service. This process eventually leads to notable increase in amount of traffic landing on your website.
  • The Google Ads can be displayed in a location specific area. You can also limit the ads to be displayed on mobile devices only.
  • The Ads can be presented in various languages.
  • Hence, the power of Google Ads in the world of internet is limitless. Any local online business can be efficiently marketed by adopting this direct, effective and fastest way.

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