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Missed Call Service


In today’s century no one calls anymore to anyone. The customer having the potential will just or just tweet. But no it is wrong, it is mainly with the children’s, but with the elderly now also use the technology in their business and still receive up to eighty per cent of their incoming communications via using the telephone. Seventy five per cent of the people will not think of raving the voice mail or tweet or the emails, but instead they will hang up themselves to the zone for the calling confronted with an automated system. For this you need to outsource your calls to the telephone providing service provider.

When your phone is not reachable or sometimes you are busy then you put your phone on airplane mode and then you never know who is calling you or who called you before. And this creates lots of issues and missed works sometimes. So,missed call services are more commonly used now days. It has been in regular practice to get a missed call notification via the SMS alerts whenever the phone is out of reach.

Build your business as well as answering the calls quickly and professionally!

Maximise the profits of the business that you are in as it will develop the confidence of the business partner about your punctuality and kindness.

What Missed Call Services features you can expect from us?

  • The service provided by us can help you in recording all the calls that are missed by you, and thenit sends a text message to you that you have been missed by a call. And it sends you the message once you are back in the coverage area.
  • Even if the caller who has called you has their id of the calling blocked then their number can still be left. Better as well if they wish to leave an alternative number as well and then they can do this as well.
  • This missed call service is free to all the uses and therefore it is default for the customers that do not want voice mail but only the messages.

What we specialize in?

The first impression to be given to the customers is the one that will last the longest. If your customer is not able to reach your company over the phone, then you will be fighting up to the hill to win the battle in that sales pitch time: if they do ring back at all.
We all know that the SME’s make it tough.

They have variety of excuses for not picking up your calls but when it reaches to eighty five percent of your missed calls will not be called back. Then can you afford it to ring?

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